Art For Sale

Jason Metcalf is an American comic book artist, currently providing cover art for ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT, VALIANT, ACTION LAB and other comic and novel publishers.

His first credits include ink assists along side Joe Weems on Top Cow's  titles The Darkness and The Magdelina.  Brief as it was, that stint motivated Jason to one day make the move to full-time illustration and leave his construction management career behind.

Jason has also pencilled Wrath of the Titans for Bluewater Press;  IDW Publishing's Eternal Descent;  Blu Ray content for HBO's Game of Thrones, and the History Channel's Vikings series; and map and character illustration for Richard Knaak's novel, Dragon Mound; trading card art for Marvel's Upper Deck 2012 releases of Avengers Assemble and Marvel Beginnings II; trading card art for Billy Tucci's Shi, Tim Seely's Hack Slash, Kong Island, and P'Ups.

Other cover work includes Moonstone Books'  Zombies vs. Cheerleaders GeektacularThe Spider & Lady Domino one-shot, Coat of Arms Comics' The Chronicles of Mayre, and Tom Kolega's The Contra Alliance.

Jason is currently pleasing art collectors with stellar commission work while whittling away at his own personal projects.  He is also staying active as an Artist Alley guest at several U.S. conventions.

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might."  Ecclesiastes 9:10