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I routinely take commission requests and sketch requests at conventions and online.  I aim to deliver any pre-orders for conventions at the show itself and can usually complete 5 to 10 sketches at any given convention.  

For home studio produced art, I carry a running list of requests and the wait time is several months to over a year for some pieces.  If you have a specific deadline, I can work with that or if it's to be a published piece, I will prioritize as needed.  No deposit is required for studio-produced art.  When your art slot comes up on my schedule, I will collect and deliver within a couple weeks.  The only other stipulation is that I have to llike the idea!  Thanks so much for your support!  


Sketch Cover Blanks & 9x12 art:
   Head Shot - pencils $100   inks $150
   Bust Shot - pencils $150  inks $200
   Torso Shot - pencils $200  inks $250
   Full Body - pencils $300  inks $400
   Copic/Gray Tones Add - $75
   Color Add (copic sketch markers) - $75

11x17 Bristol art
   Bust Shot - pencils $300  inks $450
   Full Body - pencils $600  inks $750
   Background Add - $250
   Color Add (digital color, print incl) - $150

'Cover Worthy' inked con sketch - $1200
   (backgrounds incl, limit 4 characters)

Studio produced 'Cover Worthy' - $1500
   (backgrounds incl, limit 8 characters)

**Discounts for Published Art**
Comic Blank Bust - ink&gray
Comic Blank Torso - ink&gray
11x17 Full Body - inks, background